The Author

Hi, my name is Claudio Benvenuti and I am a freelance Open Source Consultant and  a web analyst and developer and I own my Company: I'm born in Italy on 1979, so, first of all, sorry for my english. I lived for about one year in London, but it was the 2000, and now I'm a bit rusty, so, if you find misspellings in this web site, please forgive me and feel free contact me here
I have been a founding member of the web company MODUS Multimedia, but on early  2008 I sold my shares and now I spend my time working as freelance consultant and enjoying my little sons and my wife. She was an airbrush artist, you can see some of her beautiful creations on and now she sculpts small OOAK dolls:

I'm addicted to tecnology, and i can't leave home without my EeePc in my bag and my Android phone in my hand. I'm always desperately looking for  free time for coding, studing new tecnology, and developing useless thing like Z3D